PASS ® Prospector for Refinancing or Listing Consideration

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Pass Prospector

  • 90% hit rate or greater
  • Database covers 99% of the U.S. population
  • 20-times faster than traditional AVMs
  • Continuous blind testing as a built-in quality
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Introducing the first automated valuation model with enough speed for large-scale marketing efforts.
® Prospector is designed to meet the growing needs of customers who desire an Automated Valuation Model (AVM) for direct marketing and other large batch function applications. Unlike traditional AVMs, which are developed for one-at-a-time processing, PASS Prospector is capable of returning valuations at the rate of 120 properties per second or over 400,000 valuations per hour — without sacrifi cing hit rate or accuracy.

Increase revenue by targeting homeowners more eff
Because of its speed, coverage and accuracy, PASS Prospector is ideal for high-volume direct marketers, marketing fi rms and fi nancial institutions interested in targeting property owners. PASS Prospector identifi es the current market value and the amount of equity in the home. Simply provide a list of addresses and we append results.

Unheard of speed, unsurpassed value.

When you use PASS Prospector you enable us to con
fidently deliver millions of AVM values to you on a monthly basis. So whether you need to increase revenue, enhance list yield or reduce average acquisition cost, PASS Prospector is a cost-effective solution that can substantially improve your marketing results.


  • Predicted value, value range and confidence score appended
  • File typically returned within 48-hours from receipt of request and contract approval
  • Data updated daily

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