Lender Grade Automated Valuation Models

Why our AVMs offerings are worth it

Lender Grade Automated Valuation Models (AVMs) are superior to consumer AVMs because they utilize more accurate and timely data and are tested to meet federal regulatory agency guidelines that mortgage lenders are required to comply with.  SnapVal AVMs incorporate professional realtors Multiple Listing Services (MLS) data such as comparable sales, listings, and appraiser data. 

SnapVal AVMs which are rigorously testing and used by lenders include a confidence score indicating the accuracy of the estimates they provide.  Confidence scores range from 0 to 100, with 100 being the highest possible score. Most free AVMs only utilize public records data provided by the local municipalities which tend to be outdated and NEVER provide a confidence score.  These free  AVMs are typically within 5% of the sale price only 65% of the time, whereas Lender Grade AVMs are within 5% of the sale price 90% of the time.

Why should you use SnapVal AVMs?

  1. Better Accuracy
    1. Our reports include a confidence score that shows how confident the AVM results are which are typically within 5% of the expected sales 95% of the time.

    NOTE: Zillow’s data claims they are accurate within 5% of the sale price between 62% to 92% of the time, based on geography.  Details found here https://www.zillow.com/zestimate/

  2. Unparalleled Convenience
    1. Vendor agnostic, all the best products from multiple AVM vendors in one place. This simplifies ordering AVMs from multiple vendors without having to join several websites.
    2. No monthly minimum required. Most companies require a substantial commitment to receive our discounted pricing. SnapVal leverages economies of scale to offer the best on-demand pricing available.
    3. On-demand, pay as you go with no setup fees, just enter your credit card or use PayPal; it’s that easy.
  3. Specialty Focus
    1. Grievance/Tax Reports specifically designed when disputing high tax assessments
    2. National Neighborhood rental fee data for renters and investors who want the rental price for residential properties.
    3. Lender only products for mitigating risk on federally regulated transactions.
    4. Commercial AVMs for Industrial, Multi-Family, Retail, and Office that provide rich data and value estimates prior to ordering a full commercial appraisal.